We teach real estate investors how to do deals anywhere in the country so they can generate quality leads which allows them to have consistent and profitable deal flow.

Without seeing the properties or spending more money on marketing!

We are the MathisTwins™

Hi, we’re Jeremy and Joshua Mathis, better known as the MathisTwins and we’ve been investing in real estate for 6+ years. Through wholesaling, fix & flipping houses, and buying rental properties, we have completed 500+ real estate deals to date. We’ve built and currently operate a multi-million dollar real estate investment business, completed a real estate development project, and in just 3 short years, a multi-million dollar rental portfolio that net cash flow us almost $20,000/month.

Prior to starting our real estate investing career, we’ve had a few businesses; some that have taught us valuable lessons and some where we’ve actually made money. One of our most recent successful business ventures was a medical cleaning business that we grew and sold within 18 months.

We are both proud dads, servant leaders at their church, philanthropists and investors with a goal to create 1,000 millionaires and a mission to inspire the world.

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